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Masterpieces for Clarinet (Digital)


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When fantastic musicians work together to make something new, that something will be quite special. In this case we were able to entice clarinettists Pablo Barragán and Nicolai Pfeffer to present their favourite works for clarinet exclusively for AURIO.

And what they created was indeed quite special. This edition of our MUSIC LIBRARY OF INSPIRATIONS contains wonderful classical music treasures: unfamiliar gems that are well worth learning as well as masterpieces in new and exciting arrangements.

Our scores are printed on superior-quality music paper inspired by Japanese paper clothing and with thread-sewn binding so that the score will open flat and stay on your music stand; our digital editions come in PDF for tablet viewing and can be printed out.

That’s right: when fantastic musicians work together, they create something special. Need we say more – except congratulations on your MUSIC LIBRARY OF INSPIRATIONS purchase.

Each score a delight.
From Renaissance to modern, from easy to the ultimate challenge: each AURIO edition contains five to six musical treasures for your instrument, from solo works to chamber music. They contain a mix difficulty and period, ensuring variety and appreciation from your audience, your pupils, and your fellow musicians.

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An apéritif for the ears
Titel 1
Werkbeispiel 5 – Schwierigkeit: Mittelschwer
Titel 3
Titel 4
Werkbeispiel 2 – Schwierigkeit: Leicht bis mittelschwer

AURIO SIGNATURE 01/2020 – AS5102




Duett, Duo, Quartett




Classical, Impressionism, Late Romanticism, Romance


Nicolai Pfeffer, Pablo Barragán


23,5 x 31,0 cm


German & English

Difficulty level
1 – very easy 6 – very challenging

2 to 5


190 Pages (score & parts)


Digital Output (PDF), Score & Parts

»AURIO is the spirit of renewal!«

Pablo Barragán
Pablo Barragán

Pablo Barragán-Hernandez was awarded the Credit Suisse Jeunes Solistes prize in 2013 and is also prizewinner of numerous international competitions including the 2012 ARD Music Competition.

Barragán studied at the Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía in Madrid before coming to the Barenboim-Said Foundation and Matthias Glander in Berlin. In 2009 he commenced studies at the Musik Akademie Basel where he was student of François Benda.

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