AGB Composer’s Special

Special terms and conditions for participation in the competition for the publication of musical works

1.) General information

1.1.) The following Special Terms and Conditions apply between the composer of musical works (hereinafter: “Participant”) and Aurio-Musikverlag (hereinafter: “Publisher”) exclusively for participation in the competition for the publication of works in “COMPOSER’S SPECIAL”.

1.2.) In addition, the General Terms and Conditions of the Publisher apply, which can be viewed here.


2.) Submission of the works and determination of the prize

2.1.) The participant can order musical works (hereinafter “works”) from the publisher in

  • Sheet music form
  • written or digital
  • additionally as musical recording

submit. Only works of solo literature or chamber music for a maximum of four players of 30 DIN A4 pages are permitted. The submitted works must be in computer notation.

2.2.) Natural persons who have reached the age of 18 are eligible to participate.

2.3.) Works submitted by the deadline stated on the publisher’s website will be considered for the prize draw.

2.4.) The works will be viewed by a publishing house jury and evaluated according to formal criteria.

2.5.) The winner will be selected and announced by the publishing house jury. The work will be published in the so-called “COMPOSER’S SPECIAL”, a digital extra edition of the Aurio music publishing house, which is published once a year to accompany the AURIO sheet music editions.

2.6.) The submission of a work does not give rise to any claim to the publication / exploitation of the work by the publisher.

2.7.) Legal recourse is excluded.


3.) Costs for the submission of works

3.1.) The current costs for the submission of works (hereinafter: “submission fee”) can be found on the publisher’s website.

3.2.) The submission fee serves to cover the costs of the time-consuming inspection of sheet music and is therefore not refundable.

3.3.) Payment of the submission fee is due immediately after conclusion of the contract to the bank account specified by the publisher.


4.) Conclusion of contract

4.1.) The contractual partners are AURIO Musikverlag GmbH, represented by the managing director Sebastian Bund-Rolser, Am Sonnenberg 13, 86424 Dinkelscherben and the respective participant.

4.3.) The acceptance of your offer (and thus the conclusion of the contract) takes place in any case by confirmation in text form, in which the processing of the order or delivery of the goods is confirmed to you or by sending the goods.


5.) Right of cancellation

Consumers are generally entitled to a right of withdrawal. Further information on the right of revocation can be found in the revocation instruction, which is sent to the customer by e-mail.


6.) Interview

By participating in the competition, the participant agrees that the publisher will conduct an interview with him/her and that this interview will be published in the COMPOSER’S SPECIAL with a picture.


7.) Transfer of rights

7.1.) The participant transfers to the publisher the right to

  • Reproduction
  • Distribution
  • making available to the public

in the context of the publication of the works in COMPOSER’S SPECIAL.

7.2.) The rights are only transferred in the event that the participant wins, i.e. when the works are published in COMPOSER’S SPECIAL. The publisher does not receive any rights to works which are not published in COMPOSER’S SPECIAL.